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Custom Outdoor Columns for your Custom Built Mansion


After a whole day spent in the workplace, one will surely look forward to have a relaxing ambiance at home. One perfect area of the house that people stay to have a cup of coffee or have a talk with family members is the front porch area. Additionally, it is the front porch that a person first approaches when he or she arrives home. Who can feel better if the front porch looks so dull, boring and disgusting?      Definitely no one. It is very easy to give your porch that lively and inviting look that will make you delighted of coming home. As you can see in front porches of houses in Dallas, California, Los Angeles, Florida and other places in the US, the common thing that they have are the columns. They may be limestone columns, marble columns, Italian marble columns or Greek columns.


custom outdoor column

Columns that are made of stone may cost some amount of money that not all can surely afford but every column bought is really worth spending. So, most people prefer hollow columns which are usually made of fiberglass  wood, aluminium and others for their porch area that may make them spend lesser amount. These hollow columns are easier to design compared to roman Corinthian, solid shaft columns, limestone columns and others that are made of very sturdy materials. The effect and overall appearance of hollow columns do not seem so far with stone made columns thus giving your porch area that relaxing mood as well. You can make your manufacturer of columns to include designs that you want for your own pleasure and satisfaction. So say goodbye to your Mansion’s old and boring front porch. Call a manufacturer that can help you with your column concerns. Marvelous Marble Design Inc can be of great help to you. This company’s phone number is 1-888-272-0630.

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Custom Outdoor Marble Columns

Everybody owes themselves a relaxing vacation after days and months of working so hard. Despite ones willingness to work and work, there will come a time that you will realize you need a break. One perfect destination that has a very relaxing environment is in Palm Beach, Florida. You can experience an environment that can be compared to a town as well as a county. To insure that you will be comfortable and relaxed in your Palm Beach vacation house, you have to incorporate details or features that are pleasant to the eyes. Use limestone columns, Greek columns, marble columns and roman Corinthian for your whole house to be the pillars.


marble column

For your Porch area, since it will be more exposed to the weather disturbances, weather conditions and air particles, it is best to use solid shaft columns to have it standing foe centuries. The next area of the house that you and your guests will be able to approach is the foyer. Make sure you use columns like marble columns in your foyer to make it appear stylish and vibrant. For the bathroom, you may want to experience the luxurious life ancient people had in the past so it is better to place marble columns, Greek columns, Roman Corinthian and limestone columns.


Custom design columns are of great demand these days because the homeowner is allowed to specify what designs he or she wants to include to her solid shaft columns. You can call manufacturer of different kinds and designs of columns like Marvelous Design Inc through their phone number 1-888-272-0630 to ask for the range of prices and available types of columns in their company. This way you will be guided well and your house will be ready for exploration for your next vacation days with your friends or family.

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Custom Marble Columns for your Custom Built Home

Columns are a prominent part of Greek Architecture. They were popular in the ancient times, and until now, these mighty structures are still preserved in order to retain the beauty of old establishments. Still, there are a lot of newly built columns all over the world because of its integral use in many houses and buildings. Also, it gives a structure the elegance to it, especially if the columns are elaborate or made with authentic marble.

During the Ancient Greek period, columns appear to have indentations along the shaft. These are called fluted columns. They can be found in almost all kinds of columns including on the interior part of the house.

custom marble column

Today, marble columns on foyer are pretty much easy to install. All you have to do is call a professional company to handle it. If you are in Florida, you should hire Marvelous Marble Design Inc. they make custom designs for all sorts of columns, whether be it round or square. You can contact them at 1-888-272-0630.

Early Greek Period

Fluted shafts long before were carved out of tree trunks. After the bark is removed, the indentions are created and preserved for a long time.

The Classical Era

During the Classical Period, the Greeks started to build temples made of stone, thus the first stone columns were made. The fluted design in stone columns was based on wooden fluted columns. Because of the new material, the columns appeared to be more beautiful, tall, strong and sturdy.

Types of Columns

There are three basic columns that were used in the ancient times, and are still being applied today.

  • Doric – the most basic; looks plain and bare.
  • Ionic – distinctive feature are the scrolls, which are often seen on the cap.
  • Corinthian – the fanciest of all three columns; famous for its elaborate cap, base, and at times, along the shaft.



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Cast Stone Columns in Custom Built Homes

One of the most elaborate features that can be found in many homes is stone accents. This architectural feature can be seen on the interior as well as the exterior part of the house. Accenting objects with stone is an art in order to enhance the appearance of a surface that looks dull, so as to improve the aesthetics of the house.

Today, cast stone columns are a popular trend especially in large houses. Although popular in columns, stone accents can also be applied in doors, windows, veneers and other places of the house that need improvement. These are usually done by architectural companies such as Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

cast stone column

Many companies offer services in column installations and custom designs. Whether you have limestone columns, marble, or other types of pillars, you can always find a company who will take care of it. The aforementioned company can be reached at 1-888-272-0630. They are available for hire in Washington D.C. as well as in other major cities in the US.

Stone Accents in Columns

Stones used for accentuating columns are either made of marble or limestone. This feature brings an old charm to the interiors of the house to make it look Greco-Roman inspired.

Stone Accents in Fireplaces

Another common attraction in houses is the stone-accentuated fireplace. Stones used are either granite, marble, river stones, or limestone. The style can be based in Mediterranean, Tuscan and Victorian. Most often, stones in fireplaces are carved by hand.

Stone Accents in Stairs and Patios

Stones installed in patios and stairs must be easy to clean, given that they are always stepped on. They are often made out of granite, marble, sandstone and limestone. These are all low-maintenance stones and are either cast or cured.

Stone Accents in Windows and Arches

Your ordinary window can be transformed into a fancier one by installing keystone on the arches and its surroundings.



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Calcutta Marble Column

Marbles come in various characteristics and colors. Each of the marble made materials like, marble floor and marble columns contain a specialized character that makes them unique from the other. Tall marble columns can bring so much elegance to a house especially if you add custom design columns or Italian marble columns. Calcutta marble is known for its outstanding type of veining that is somewhat mysterious. The veining is possibly seen from some kind of gold to grey color. This rare kind of stone is just found only in the quarry located in Carrara, Italy. What is best on this marble column is that you will learn to appreciate them more day by day because of its mystique color and veining.


calcutta marble column

Though columns such as Greek columns, Italian limestone columns, cream marfil columns and Roman Corinthian may cost you some amount of money, Calcutta marble columns can be more expensive because of its rare characteristics. The usual Calcutta marble columns in bathroom and Calcutta marble columns foyer you’ll see in houses located in Indiana, New York, Virginia and Maryland come in white colors. You can have your marble custom design columns included in your bathroom or porch to give it some chic touch.


Unlike other style of houses, houses with Calcutta marble columns do not get boring even though you have those columns for such a long time already. You will further see what improvements Calcutta marble columns, granite columns, solid shaft columns and cast limestone columns can bring to your house. You will find Calcutta marble columns in companies like Marvelous Marble Design Inc with number 1-888-272-0630. You will never find it difficult to take off the dirt from the columns because all you need are microfiber cloth and warm water. Never use any chemicals for they can harm your tall marble columns or Italian marble columns.




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Marble Columns for your Custom Built Home

Despite the availability of numerous types of columns, roman Corinthian is on the top list of the most chosen ones. Columns mainly function as a big support for the house and can contribute a lot in the matter of decorating it as well. For a homeowner who is fond of ancient yet elegant looking home decors, Greek columns, Roman Corinthian and marble columns are what you are seeking. It does not matter whether you are residing in a place near the beach or the mountains, these types of columns including hollow columns, square columns, cast stone columns and tapered columns are very much adaptable to any environment. If you are thinking of getting your house stylish columns, you can do your research of some manufacturers of these decors. Marvelous Marble Design Inc is one of the manufacturers of these columns that you can call for inquiries at its number 1-888-272-0630.

 two-color marble column

Roman Corinthian has gained too much popularity because of the different kind of elegance, endurance and details it is made of. A common Roman Corinthian contains ornate leaves as designs on the top area of the said column giving it more emphasis. Granite columns will look better with any house located in Dallas, Los Angeles, California and Vancouver. The same thing goes with Roman Corinthian and other columns like onyx columns, Italian marble columns that can compliment any types of houses in Palm Beach or Orange County California. The usual Roman Corinthian column that you can find in some houses is slim making the area look more spacious. What is more beautiful about Roman Corinthian that other columns lack is the column shaft it has. This shaft comes in either plain or fluted with size that is ten times of its bottom’s diameter. You will surely be amazed of the acanthus leaves included in the column that are perfectly placed on the column.







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Get the Best Column Design from Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

In a market where different types of column designs are offered, getting the most appropriate one for your home can prove to be an uphill task. These columns not only increase the beauty of your home or property but they also increase the value. In order to get the best column designs, you should consult with Marvelous Marble Design Inc. This company has earned the reputation of delivering the best marble columns and this is clearly evidenced by their popularity in Texas, California, Toronto and Chicago. Majority of people don’t know where they can buy these columns and as a result, they end up settling with shoddy work. However, this does not have to be the case.

column design

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. offers some of the best designs and this gives you an opportunity to choose one that compliments your Texas or Chicago home. They help you pick a design that sits the décor and appeal of your house. What is more, the staff working at the company is more than willing to help you list the options available. This ensures you understand your options and don’t run the risk of making a choice that could disappoint you in the long run. One of the reasons many people shy away from making this type of investment is the cost. However, this is not something for you to fret about as long as you buy the columns from Marvelous Marble Design Inc.  

They offer competitive prices for all their designs. Regardless of whether you are in California, Toronto, Texas or Chicago, you can get these columns. This is for the simple reason they have dealers in these regions. Apart from increasing your chances of picking the best designs, this also ensures you get the opportunity to compare prices hence, settle with one that matches up to your individual budget.

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Why You Should Have Custom Column Designs From Marvelous Marble Design Inc. Installed in Your Home

Using column designs from Marvelous Marble Design Inc. in a home has several benefits. Over the years, column designs have become very popular among homeowners and contractors. Their popularity can be attributed to the look that they give a home. When chosen and installed properly, column designs can give a home an elegant and unique look. They are available in different styles and sizes making it possible for homeowners to customize the look of their homes. Variety of column design is also another factor that has made them very popular. You can choose stone columns, marble columns or limestone columns to be installed in your home.

custom column

Today, there are many homeowners in New York, Florida and other locations who have installed column designs in their homes. Perhaps, the reason why many homeowners and contractors are preferring these materials is due to their shinny appearance and smooth texture. This makes them easy to clean. When installed at the entry of a home, column designs give a home an elegant look. Making the right choice of column designs also makes it possible for homeowners to match or complement the look of their wall decor. Basically, whether used in interior designing or exterior applications in a home, these materials give a home a stylish and unique look.

May be there is a design that you saw at a friend’s home. Or you saw an application in a movie where column designs had been used and liked the look of that particular home. It is possible to have such a look in your home by having column designs from this company installed in your home. Column designs are easy to get regardless of your location. Whether you are in Chicago, Toronto, California or any other location, you can easily get column designs for your home. This company has established a network with outlets that sell construction material to allow buyer easy access to these materials.

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Various Uses of Sandstone Column Designs

There are several stones that are used in the design of home columns. Most of the preferred rocks are marble. However sedimentary rock like sandstone can also be used effectively in the design of houses. Sandstone is also made up of feldspar and quartz. There are several types of sandstone depending on where they are obtained with colors ranging from dull to dark brown. Sandstone has a physical structure that makes it easy to decorate and is mainly used indoors because of its beautiful and decorative appearance. The variety of uses of sandstone for both interior and exterior appearance includes:

sandstone column

Interior design

Sandstone can be used limitlessly for many areas of interior design. The main areas that are fashioned using sandstone include window sills, shelves, floor slabs, arches, porches, fire places and any rails. Sandstone comes in a variety of colors which also makes it easier to use it in virtually all the areas without anybody noticing the monotony. Sandstone does not retain dirt and if the rails, for example, have to be cleaned then you will just scrub and polish afresh but that is after a long period of time.

Exterior design using sandstone

Many varieties of sandstone are weather resistant making them resistant toe adverse weather conditions of heat from the sun, rain and wind. Marble, rock and limestone get eroded with time which means that sandstone is a better bet. The exterior features of a house that are often made from sandstone include archways, pillars and columns. The color of sandstone also varies which means that it can be selected in a planned manner and matched with the external surroundings.

The use of sandstone is not limited to interior and exterior design but can also be used to make other sculptors because of its granular design.


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Stone Accents Available for Column Design

If you reside in any of the big towns like Texas and Chicago and would like your home to have the stone accents or cast stone products lining different areas of your home? Stone accents may include wall brackets, door surrounds, copings, cornices and other products made of cast stone  that are architecturally designed to give your house the coveted look. Cast stone increase the aesthetic value of your house and are used in many places including the fire place, veneers, counters, doors, windows, arches, columns, stairs & patio and so on.

stone accent

To give your walls the impression of a solid and stone wall either internally or externally, you can use stone veneers to circumvent the prohibitive costs and the impractical nature of a full stone cost.  Stone veneers used in column design have low maintenance and are very versatile explaining their varied use in New York, California and other old cosmopolitan cities. They are also tolerant to several climates which explain their use in varied location in the Americas, from Toronto to Los Angeles to Florida.

Perhaps one place that must be constructed with cast stone in the house is the fireplace. The fireplace can be constructed with several types of stone from marble to granite, river stones, limestone and other cultured stone veneers. The simplest fireplace made of cast stone has stone walls with provision for floor space where wood can be burnt. If you prefer a stylish fire place then you can choose a variety of styles and designs like the Mediterranean style, a Tuscan style or the ornately designed Victorian design. The other places suitable for cast stone use are the bathroom and kitchen counters. It is granite and marble that is used in this kind of column design. Always research and if possible contact an experienced mason to help you with the stone design.

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Learn More About Column Designs From Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is company that has become very popular for its column  designs. This company has been providing quality column designs to constructors and homeowners in New York, Chicago, Florida and other states. Having beautiful column designs installed in your home is important in ensuring an elegant look of your home. You can have cast stone or marble column designs installed in your home with ease. All you need is to look for the services of this company. Today, there are different lengths and designs of marble and stone columns from which one can choose. This makes it possible for homeowners to give their homes the look they desire.

column designs

Column designs can be used outside a house, in the living room or even on the hallways. When chosen well, these products enhances the look of a home in a unique way. They can also be used at the entrance to a home or even in the balcony. Generally, it is possible to fit column designs anywhere in your home. Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that you choose them wisely so that they match or complement the decor or color of other parts of your home. 

Perhaps, you could be constructing a home in Toronto and now you are wondering how you can get column designs to use in your home. Information about this company and its product is all over the internet. Therefore, whether you need limestone columns to use as part of the interior design of your home or even outside your house, you can get them with ease. One advantage of using columns in a home is the fact that they are strong. When used on top caps or base they stand out very well. They are also stylish, shinny and smooth which makes cleaning them easy.

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How Marvelous`s Custom Columns are Changing Homes

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. is changing the décor of American homes at a fast pace, thanks to the amazing collection of  column designs that the company is treating residents from nearly all the American states with.

custom columns

The firm takes pride in being among the few firms in America and the world over that has the largest selection of quality hand carved column designs, which are tailored at enhancing the beauty of both homes and businesses. In California, the company is changing homes and business premises for the better. This is due to the amazing collection of stone columns that the company has been offering to resident of this state. Their stone columns have are ideal for complementing the beauty of households, for they have a great piece of artwork. In Texas, residents are increasingly embracing stone columns to enhance the décor of their custom built homes.

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. operations are also being evident in Toronto and New York. The company’s limestone columns are being used by residents from these states for transforming the look of their house. In addition to being used in complementing the beauty of resident’s households, limestone columns are increasingly being used for enabling entrances and staircases get a superb outlook. The good thing with the company’s limestone columns is that, they come in different sizes, thus are ideal for any house regardless of its size. In Chicago, the use of limestone columns has taken its toll, with key construction projects such as Chicago Convection Centre and many court houses embracing the use of limestone.

In order to learn more of the company’s columns design, please visit the company’s website for more information. It is here that you will have a view of these columns designs that the company has in store for your home.

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Cast Stone Column Design Ideas

Cast stone column design has been applied in a variety of buildings across the world. However, in case you have not been able to have a first hand experience with cast stone, you need to note that it is made from a variety of materials. Cast stone is developed from a variety of mixtures that contain parts of natural sand, cement, marble, limestone, quartz, granite and coloring pigments. This alone can tell you that in deed cast stone is among the best materials that you can use for the design of the columns of your home or property. Besides, the texture of cast stone is also like that of natural stone making it very durable hence ensuring that you have got the best column design.

cast stone column design

Even though cast stone can has got a natural aesthetic appeal and color schemes, it should also be noted that coming up with your own color schemes when using cast stone for column design is quite easy. However, bear in mind that the variety of natural color schemes of cast stone can also appeal to every kind of column design in the home or even a residential property. There are neutral and colorful schemes from where you are able to choose the one that can match the color scheme of the entire property. To enhance the architectural details of the cast stone column design, you use contrasting trim. However, for a polished effect on the column, it is appropriate that you restrict the pallete to either three or two colors.

When looking for the most appropriate color scheme for the cast stone column design that you intend to use, it is advisable that you look at the bigger picture of the entire home or property. Only go for cast stone whose color scheme is able to stand out from the other parts of the property to give it a more stylish and elegant appeal.

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Buying the Best Marble Column Design

It is never an easy task to buy the best column design in the competitive market where every dealer wants to make good amount of money by the end of day. You need to be very careful when you are looking for the best design to buy especially for decoration purposes. Many people in Texas and some parts of Toronto don’t know where they can buy the best column designs. If you are among these homeowners or investors, you should not fret anymore, you just need to visit Marvelous Marble Design Inc. and you will find the best models in close by.

marble column design

When you are on your shopping spree looking for the best marble column designs to buy, you need to seek help from your contractors or home designers and know the best model that will fit your house. These are individual who are familiar with the field and they will be ready to help you. They will list down the best designs to pick and also help you come up with an effective budget that you will not regret about later. The prices from column designs vary from one town to another. Whether you are in Los Angeles or Chicago, you can just visit the nearby marble column dealer and compare their prices.

It is advisable to shop online as you will be able to delight in a number of benefits. By purchasing your marble column designs online, you will be able to compare their prices within a short duration and get them from the best dealer. Additionally, you will also enjoy discounts and coupons that will save you more money. If you are dealing with a genuine dealer, he or she will also deliver the columns within the stipulated time and you will be able to go on with your home decoration project without any complications.

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Buying Custom Stone Columns in Los Angeles, California

The real estate industry has registered tremendous growth over the past few years. Whether you visit California, New York, Chicago or any other state, you can’t help but notice the huge number of construction sites being worked on. If you are building a home in Los Angeles, you definitely don’t want it to look like what your neighbors already have. This is exactly where stone pillars can be of great help. Setting up a number of these pillars at the front or back of your home will give it the unique look every homeowner craves.

custom stone column

Things to Consider

Your home is without doubt the most precious asset you can own, one that will survive beyond your lifetime. This is why you have to be very careful when buying anything to install in the home. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when buying stone columns in Los Angeles:

  • Designs: California is renowned for its stylish homes and luxurious apartments. This means you have very high standards to match when building a home. You need to look out for the most intriguing limestone, sandstone or marble columns that will guarantee superb looks.
  • Durability: Appearance is very important when building your home. Everybody wants to live in the home everyone marvels at when they drive past. However, you need to ensure the stone columns you purchase are not only elegant but also highly durable. With the weight of your house to support and harsh outdoor weather to withstand, you just can’t compromise on quality.


It is not easy to check these features when buying stone columns in Los Angeles, California, especially if you aren’t well versed with the building industry. This is why you need a reliable designer that offers the best columns in the market, a description that matches Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

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Ante Up Your Home With Top Class Limestone Column Designs

Marvelous Marble Design Inc. now allows you the rare luxury of giving your house the kind of proverbial facelift that will drive your neighbors’ right up the wall with envy. What you get with these top class columns design, is an entirely new, fun, unique feel, one that blends perfectly to just about any décor. Creativity is the dying art of a dying breed; nothing is ever quit new anymore, except for this new line of high value columns designs that ensure you transform your house into an inimitable piece of artwork. You can’t go wrong; the smooth textural platform, the intricacy in detail, the sublime finishing, all boils down to one of the most breathtaking, one of a king look, you cannot afford to pass this up.

limestone column

stone columns on stairs

The limestone column designs platform boasts of some of the most elaborate and feature rich designs, with outlets and high end clientele in New York, Texas, California, Florida, Toronto, as well as many other states in and around the U.S. So you can be guaranteed that no matter how eccentric your tastes, you are bound to find something that tickles your fancy. Columns designs allow you to push through that extra bit of uniqueness to your house, sprinkle in a bit of harmony, and cordoned off with top class beauty.  The many design features coupled with an incredible color variety, all boil down to the ultimate home decoration solution, springing you right up there with the best of them.

Columns designs give you the value of that polished look, bringing heightened creativity in terms of concept design, and can be molded to suit your specific needs. You have the luxury of picking matching designs for both interior and exterior finishing, or you can change it up a bit, and use different atmospheres on the different ends. It’s all up to you.

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Limestone or Marble Columns

The addition of limestone, cast stone columns or pilasters are viewed by many designer and architect as vital point of building a high end design home.

marble columns

marble columns in luxury living room by Marvelous Marble Design Inc.

Adding luxury to your hallways, front entrance, and side of the stairs in your home is vital to the future resale value of your home? The marble and cast stone columns will be an excellent addition and come in different design and lengths which can help you add luxurious to your home.

acomplia (rimonabant) online class=”MsoNormal”>The Doric limestone columns can be used in your hallways while you can use cast stone column in your living room to add an elegance look to view outside.

The 12 ft tall marble columns are often use outside the house in areas like the main entrance to the balcony area before entering the back yard or the pool area. The marble column or pilasters can be used in different area of your home that you thought it was not possible.

The natural black marble columns are they can be fitted anywhere in the house where you have bright walls or at the main entrance of your home since the color will be matching majority of the main entrance doors.

The columns come in three pieces which include the top, the middle part and the base. The simple installation of cast stone columns will save many installers time.

If you are planning to install marble flooring and stairs the limestone or marble columns for the stairs would be a great addition that will show the beauty of the stone marble columns thru out your house.

In recent years many ASID designer and installers prefer also the cast stone wall panel for their design.

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Interior Stone Columns and Limestone Columns

Building the interior of your new home with a superior quality interior stone column or cast stone columns is vital and imperative because it will add a tremendous amount of value to your home.

interior stone column

Using the curvaceous and round-shape for the design will give the columns a sublime look, and has chiseled relief work that provides a frame for each in-between hallway.
This will add another natural stone dimension to your carved or cast limestone range hood in your kitchen or 20ft marble fireplace mantel and over mantle surround in your great room.

In the United States many builders use design that will make the interior design of your home much better.

As an ASID certified design from the Philadelphia, Pa area I like what I have seen at

There is nothing like Marvelous Marble Design in the Delaware Valley.

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Dark Emprador Marble Columns Design

When we decided to build our house we had many options. When it came to choosing the dark emprador marble column; there are different aspects of the columns contribution to the design of our house in Beverly Hills.

dark emprador marble column

two color marble columns in living room

The top of columns can come in different design and sizes where it would be important to look at the surroundings (the floor, the space to the wall and the 8-10 feet high walls)
The Columns we used were for outside a house.

The advantages the dark emprador marble columns have brought to our house are many but to name a few: the two columns we used for the entry to our house are great. The Base and top caps fit the ceiling and they stand up very nice.

The other two 12 feet silky and smooth were placed outside at the entry to our house and it made it look beautiful.

The Stylish design of columns and shinny pulished material really makes it stand out.

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The World of Marble columns

The World of Marble is changing. and it is important to use a marble column.

marble column

stone columns on stairs

Using the marble column is perfect for builders that would like build houses in the future.

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