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Marble Columns for your Custom Built Home

Despite the availability of numerous types of columns, roman Corinthian is on the top list of the most chosen ones. Columns mainly function as a big support for the house and can contribute a lot in the matter of decorating it as well. For a homeowner who is fond of ancient yet elegant looking home decors, Greek columns, Roman Corinthian and marble columns are what you are seeking. It does not matter whether you are residing in a place near the beach or the mountains, these types of columns including hollow columns, square columns, cast stone columns and tapered columns are very much adaptable to any environment. If you are thinking of getting your house stylish columns, you can do your research of some manufacturers of these decors. Marvelous Marble Design Inc is one of the manufacturers of these columns that you can call for inquiries at its number 1-888-272-0630.

 two-color marble column

Roman Corinthian has gained too much popularity because of the different kind of elegance, endurance and details it is made of. A common Roman Corinthian contains ornate leaves as designs on the top area of the said column giving it more emphasis. Granite columns will look better with any house located in Dallas, Los Angeles, California and Vancouver. The same thing goes with Roman Corinthian and other columns like onyx columns, Italian marble columns that can compliment any types of houses in Palm Beach or Orange County California. The usual Roman Corinthian column that you can find in some houses is slim making the area look more spacious. What is more beautiful about Roman Corinthian that other columns lack is the column shaft it has. This shaft comes in either plain or fluted with size that is ten times of its bottom’s diameter. You will surely be amazed of the acanthus leaves included in the column that are perfectly placed on the column.







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