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Stone Accents Available for Column Design

If you reside in any of the big towns like Texas and Chicago and would like your home to have the stone accents or cast stone products lining different areas of your home? Stone accents may include wall brackets, door surrounds, copings, cornices and other products made of cast stone  that are architecturally designed to give your house the coveted look. Cast stone increase the aesthetic value of your house and are used in many places including the fire place, veneers, counters, doors, windows, arches, columns, stairs & patio and so on.

stone accent

To give your walls the impression of a solid and stone wall either internally or externally, you can use stone veneers to circumvent the prohibitive costs and the impractical nature of a full stone cost.  Stone veneers used in column design have low maintenance and are very versatile explaining their varied use in New York, California and other old cosmopolitan cities. They are also tolerant to several climates which explain their use in varied location in the Americas, from Toronto to Los Angeles to Florida.

Perhaps one place that must be constructed with cast stone in the house is the fireplace. The fireplace can be constructed with several types of stone from marble to granite, river stones, limestone and other cultured stone veneers. The simplest fireplace made of cast stone has stone walls with provision for floor space where wood can be burnt. If you prefer a stylish fire place then you can choose a variety of styles and designs like the Mediterranean style, a Tuscan style or the ornately designed Victorian design. The other places suitable for cast stone use are the bathroom and kitchen counters. It is granite and marble that is used in this kind of column design. Always research and if possible contact an experienced mason to help you with the stone design.

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