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Calcutta Marble Column

Marbles come in various characteristics and colors. Each of the marble made materials like, marble floor and marble columns contain a specialized character that makes them unique from the other. Tall marble columns can bring so much elegance to a house especially if you add custom design columns or Italian marble columns. Calcutta marble is known for its outstanding type of veining that is somewhat mysterious. The veining is possibly seen from some kind of gold to grey color. This rare kind of stone is just found only in the quarry located in Carrara, Italy. What is best on this marble column is that you will learn to appreciate them more day by day because of its mystique color and veining.


calcutta marble column

Though columns such as Greek columns, Italian limestone columns, cream marfil columns and Roman Corinthian may cost you some amount of money, Calcutta marble columns can be more expensive because of its rare characteristics. The usual Calcutta marble columns in bathroom and Calcutta marble columns foyer you’ll see in houses located in Indiana, New York, Virginia and Maryland come in white colors. You can have your marble custom design columns included in your bathroom or porch to give it some chic touch.


Unlike other style of houses, houses with Calcutta marble columns do not get boring even though you have those columns for such a long time already. You will further see what improvements Calcutta marble columns, granite columns, solid shaft columns and cast limestone columns can bring to your house. You will find Calcutta marble columns in companies like Marvelous Marble Design Inc with number 1-888-272-0630. You will never find it difficult to take off the dirt from the columns because all you need are microfiber cloth and warm water. Never use any chemicals for they can harm your tall marble columns or Italian marble columns.




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