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Dark Emprador Marble Columns Design

When we decided to build our house we had many options. When it came to choosing the dark emprador marble column; there are different aspects of the columns contribution to the design of our house in Beverly Hills.

dark emprador marble column

two color marble columns in living room

The top of columns can come in different design and sizes where it would be important to look at the surroundings (the floor, the space to the wall and the 8-10 feet high walls)
The Columns we used were for outside a house.

The advantages the dark emprador marble columns have brought to our house are many but to name a few: the two columns we used for the entry to our house are great. The Base and top caps fit the ceiling and they stand up very nice.

The other two 12 feet silky and smooth were placed outside at the entry to our house and it made it look beautiful.

The Stylish design of columns and shinny pulished material really makes it stand out.

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