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Custom Outdoor Columns for your Custom Built Mansion


After a whole day spent in the workplace, one will surely look forward to have a relaxing ambiance at home. One perfect area of the house that people stay to have a cup of coffee or have a talk with family members is the front porch area. Additionally, it is the front porch that a person first approaches when he or she arrives home. Who can feel better if the front porch looks so dull, boring and disgusting?      Definitely no one. It is very easy to give your porch that lively and inviting look that will make you delighted of coming home. As you can see in front porches of houses in Dallas, California, Los Angeles, Florida and other places in the US, the common thing that they have are the columns. They may be limestone columns, marble columns, Italian marble columns or Greek columns.


custom outdoor column

Columns that are made of stone may cost some amount of money that not all can surely afford but every column bought is really worth spending. So, most people prefer hollow columns which are usually made of fiberglass  wood, aluminium and others for their porch area that may make them spend lesser amount. These hollow columns are easier to design compared to roman Corinthian, solid shaft columns, limestone columns and others that are made of very sturdy materials. The effect and overall appearance of hollow columns do not seem so far with stone made columns thus giving your porch area that relaxing mood as well. You can make your manufacturer of columns to include designs that you want for your own pleasure and satisfaction. So say goodbye to your Mansion’s old and boring front porch. Call a manufacturer that can help you with your column concerns. Marvelous Marble Design Inc can be of great help to you. This company’s phone number is 1-888-272-0630.

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