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Custom Marble Columns for your Custom Built Home

Columns are a prominent part of Greek Architecture. They were popular in the ancient times, and until now, these mighty structures are still preserved in order to retain the beauty of old establishments. Still, there are a lot of newly built columns all over the world because of its integral use in many houses and buildings. Also, it gives a structure the elegance to it, especially if the columns are elaborate or made with authentic marble.

During the Ancient Greek period, columns appear to have indentations along the shaft. These are called fluted columns. They can be found in almost all kinds of columns including on the interior part of the house.

custom marble column

Today, marble columns on foyer are pretty much easy to install. All you have to do is call a professional company to handle it. If you are in Florida, you should hire Marvelous Marble Design Inc. they make custom designs for all sorts of columns, whether be it round or square. You can contact them at 1-888-272-0630.

Early Greek Period

Fluted shafts long before were carved out of tree trunks. After the bark is removed, the indentions are created and preserved for a long time.

The Classical Era

During the Classical Period, the Greeks started to build temples made of stone, thus the first stone columns were made. The fluted design in stone columns was based on wooden fluted columns. Because of the new material, the columns appeared to be more beautiful, tall, strong and sturdy.

Types of Columns

There are three basic columns that were used in the ancient times, and are still being applied today.

  • Doric – the most basic; looks plain and bare.
  • Ionic – distinctive feature are the scrolls, which are often seen on the cap.
  • Corinthian – the fanciest of all three columns; famous for its elaborate cap, base, and at times, along the shaft.



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